Index of Supporting Documentation


Renewal Process

12/01/2012:  Self Study 

12/19/2012:  OCS sends Compliance Data Sheets to PACE Academy

02/27/2013:  PACE submits Corrective Action Plan to OCS to document how PACE will address noncompliance issues

04/30/2013:  PACE sends OCS agenda for site visit

04/30/2013:  OCS thanks PACE for sending Agenda for Site Visit

11/15/2013:  PACE Academy requests clarification on "why" Accountability is noncompliant.  Email from PACE to Lisa Swinson, OCS

11/15/2013   :OCS verifies that PACE is compliant in EC.  Email from Lisa Swinson, OCS  

11/15/2013:   OCS sends revised renewal chart showing that PACE is noncompliant ONLY in Accountability

11/18/2013:  Charter Schools may be asked to make a five minute presentation to the CSAB, but will not know until 11/25.  Email from OCS Lisa Swinson

12/06/2013:  OCS Site visit report (7 months after the site visit.)

12/06/2013:  OCS Director Joel Medley informs PACE it is "Academically Inadequate" and states scores (which met growth) in June 2013 do not count

12/10/2013:  Office of Charter Schools presentation to the Charter School Advisory Board

12/16/2013:  SLD and Math Memo is written; it is sent out to schools by OCS on January 9, 2014

01/07/2014:  PACE sends letter to NC SBE, Office of Charter Schools staff, and CSAB (01/12/2014)




04/01/2012:  PACE Academy submits Beginning Teacher Support Program 

06/14/2012:  PACE Academy responds to OCS regarding licensure plan / Governance Probationary Status

06/22/2012:  OCS requests update on licensure from PACE

06/22/2012:  PACE Academy sends update to OCS regarding licensure;  Email PACE to Tom Miller, OCS

06/29/2012:  OCS confirms receipt of licensure update from PACE; Email Miller to PACE

08/09/2012:  OCS requests another update on licensure from PACE;  Email Miller, OCS to PACE

08/15/2012:  OCS reports current system of monitoring licensure is flawed and will be changed

08/23/2012:  PACE will send school reps to licensure meeting

09/06/2012:  PACE Academy responds to OCS regarding licensure / Governance Noncompliance Status

09/13/2012:  PACE tells OCS Consultant Tom Miller that licensure delays are inhibiting progress towards compliance

09/13/2012:  PACE requests licensure assistance from OCS Director Joel Medley and OCS Consultant Tom Miller after application is sent back after 6 months.

09/13/2012:  PACE includes supplemental documentation showing application received March 12, 2012, acted on Sept. 8, and sent to PACE Sept. 12, 2012

11/27/2012:  PACE Academy requests assistance due to delays with licensure application review by NCDPI

12/13/2012:  PACE Academy makes formal request for assistance to Tom Miller, Office of Charter Schools

12/15/2012:  PACE Academy formally requests assistance from OCS Director Joel Medley

12/18/2012:  OCS Director Joel Medley writes, "We can not serve as the middle man for licensure issues..."



02/14/2013:  OCS Consultant Tom Miller writes that PACE IS COMPLIANT IN LICENSURE

11/22/2013:  Office of Charter Schools says Licensure data can not be accessed in PowerSchool,  Email from Honeycutt, OCS to PACE

11/22/2013:  PACE fowards Honeycutt's email to Acadia Northstar requesting assistance,  Email PACE to ANS

11/22/2013:  PACE learns PowerSchool has scrambled UIDs and SS numbers, sends licenses to OCS, Email PACE to Honeycutt

11/22/2013:  PACE asks OCS if master schedule whether they can access master schedule or if they need a copy; Email PACE to Honeycutt







06/2012:  NCDPI Accountability selects PACE as a monitoring site and completes observation to monitor accommodations used in testing

09/14/2012:  PACE completes required documentation in relation to accountability site visit


Testing Irregularity Report

06/26/2013:   PACE Academy reports OTISS to Accountability Consultant, Shannon Sellers


95% Participation

NCDPI:  Math Substitution Chart

11/18/2013   PACE requests clarification on 95% because students already approved for exemption are included in calculation;  PACE to Accountability

11/20/2013:   PACE Academy requests official review of 95% participation rate from June 2013 testing to Dr. Tammy Howard


10/20 Day Rule

NCDPI  Clarification of the 10/20 Day Rule - Bob Bellamy & Lou Fabrizio

NCDPI Update from Accountability of 10/20 day rule

NCDPI  Evolution of the EOCs in North Carolina

NCDPI Elimination of Gateways 2010 and 10/20 day rule effect

06/07/2012:   PACE Academy requests the addition of one student to the Occupational Algebra I roster for EOC testing to Dr. Tammy Howard

11.14.2013:   Accountability indicates no students are enrolled on EOC rosters

11/14/2013   PACE only offers EOC courses in the Spring semester; therefore, no students take EOCs in fall;  Email to Accountability and Honeycutt

11/14/2013  Accountability says continue process as you've done in the past;  Enroll students before 2nd semester;  Email from NCDPI Accountability to PACE & OCS Consultant Honeycutt


GDVS Report

06/22/2012  PACE reports GDVS submission has been a historical problem with software for 8 years; exchanges correspondence with Angela Harrison to OCS 

06/26/2013  PACE confirms GDVS report with Angela Harrison because it doesn't work with hyphen in email address


Graduation Requirements

12/10/2013:  OCS Presentation to CSAB

NCGS:  § 115C-107.1. Free appropriate public education; ages. Students can remain in school through their 22nd birthday


Correspondence with OCS and other relevant documentation

02/03/2012  OCS Tom Miller is assigned as new consultant

02/09/2012  OCS Tom Miller recommends policy of cutting off enrollment

03/23/2012  OCS Joel Medley announces restructuring of OCS

10/21/2012  PACE apologizes to OCS because of cancelled board meeting due to PACE grad getting married

10/22/2012  OCS Tom Miller says "No problem" in reference to Oct 2012 Board Meeting cancellation and requests copy of charter because OCS has none

06/29/2012  PACE reports Diabetes Report was already sent twice when OCS instructs PACE to submit report

09/06/2012  OCS reports that graduation for EC students is an IEP team decision

09/15/2012:  PACE, Inc. September 2012 Minutes

10/11/2012: OCS Consultant Tom Miller thanks PACE for hosting him 

11/29/2012:  PACE, Inc.  November 2012 Minutes

12/15/2012:  PACE, Inc. December 2012 Minutes

12/27/2012:  OCS Consultant Tom Miller thanks PACE for sending PACE, Inc. minutes

01/26/2013:  PACE, Inc. January 2013 Minutes

02/16/2013:  PACE, Inc. February 2013 Minutes

03/23/2013:  PACE, Inc. March 2013 Minutes

04/20/2013  PACE, Inc. April 2013 Minutes

05/01/2013:  PACE sends PACE, Inc.minutes to OCS staff, Tom Miller

05/02/2013:  PACE, Inc. May 2013 Minutes

06/26/2013:  PACE, Inc. June 2013 Minutes

08/2013:        PACE, Inc. August 2013 Minutes

09/21/2013:  PACE, Inc. September 2013 Minutes

10/19/2013:  PACE, Inc. October 2013 Minutes

11/16/2013:  PACE, Inc. November 2013 Minutes

12/10/2013:  OCS reports that number of Board members did not meet bylaws, who was on the board, and whether or if Board meetings occurred

01/09/2013:  OCS sends email with memo outlining the Math I / Alg I exemption and alternate sequence for EC students